2022 Lakeside Resident Camps

2022 Casowasco Lakeside Resident Camps

Lakeside Camp

Traditional Casowasco summer camp experience.

 Ages 7-17

Lakeside camp is Casowasco’s traditional one week summer camp experience (similar to previous model of ‘You Can’t Do That at Camp’.  Lakeside camp is a great camp to experience all Casowasco has to offer.  Campers live and play in age appropriate small groups led by two counselors that help campers build relationships with each other and with God during this week at camp.  Campers will be able to try traditional Casowasco summer activities during the day and into the evening.  Daily experiences include meal times, bible study, non-stop activity and large group worship.  The camp week begins at check-in on Sunday afternoons and runs through Friday afternoons for eight separate weeks over the summer. 

Leaders in Training

A 4-week leadership development experience for older teens

Ages 151/2 – 17

Consider this unique four-week experience for your older teen.  Summer camp is so important to your teen for all the right reasons, but as a parent you want more for your teen.  Casowasco’s Leader-in-Training program is a breakthrough experience for the seasoned Casowasco summer camper.  The LIT experience was created to nurture budding leadership skills in your camper.  Through the LIT experience your older camper will have the opportunity to become lifeguard, first aid and CPR certified.  They will also have the opportunity to learn how to lead worship experiences, learn outdoor living skills, lead archery and practice sailing.  The UMC’s mission is to create disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  This program intentionally takes time to create disciples from these young leaders through training them to be able to be an effective leader on the Casowasco ministry team.

Gaga Ball Camp

For campers that can't get enough Gaga Ball!

Ages 8-12

It is almost impossible to come to camp and not take part in a game of gaga ball.  This week of camp focuses on time inside the octagon!  Not only will an emphasis be put on playing gaga ball, but will also include many variations of gaga ball.  Campers will still have the opportunity to participate in traditional Casowasco activities including waterfront, bible study and large group worship experiences.  Fulfill all your camper’s gaga ball needs with this one week at camp!

Lights, Camera, Action

A great experience for you aspiring actor, director, or producer!

Ages 12-14

Do you have a drama queen or king at home?  This is the perfect camp for them.  This one-week experience allows campers to create a movie based on a Bible verse throughout their week.  Campers will create costumes, sets, select filming locations around camp, and set the cast.  Along with traditional Casowasco activities, Lights, Camera, Action campers will focus on the creation of their movie.  Campers will have an opportunity to grow in their faith and grow in the organization and leadership skills while working towards their final finished movie product.

Canoeing girls


A unique TWO-WEEK program for the more experienced camper!

Ages 12-14

Are you an experienced one week Casowasco camper and looking for more?  Lakeside Tweekers is a great camp for your budding Casowasco superstar.  This two week adventure follows a traditional lakeside camp format but with an upgrade.  The most unique part of this program is the extra camp time they get during their experience that we affectionately refer to as the ‘Tweekend’.  The Tweekend will include time in our Highlands area getting a small taste of the Highlands experience cooking meals over a fire and living in yurts as well as other exciting adventures.

Construction Zone

A great experience for your junior builder!

Ages 8-10

Calling all aspiring builders!  This is the camp for all campers that loves to create and build.  Create gadgets, forts, tiny-towns and more during this week of construction.  Casowasco will include many of its traditional activities with an emphasis on building during this week of construction.  Building activiteis will be inside and out and anything from birdhouses to boats and their very own toolbox! God is the master builder and we want to celebrate that in this week long camp.

Dive into summer fun at Casowasco!


aka scholarships for those who may need financial assistance.

Every effort at Casowasco is made to keep all fees as affordable as possible.  As a not-for-profit organization, it is our primary goal to serve our guests and not to profit from them.  This is true for our summer programs as well. 

If your family needs assistance attending any Casowasco sponsored program, including summer camp, please call or email to inquire about our campership program.  We ask that a campership application be completed by the applicant as well as a sponsoring agency (typically your church/minister) and returned to us for consideration.  We ask all attendees to pay a portion of their fee, the sponsoring agency will pay a portion of the fee and our campership funds will pay the final third of the fee.

The application will become available on the website or by calling the camp office at 315-364-8756.