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The Bead Program

The Bead Program

For the past 20 years, the Bead Program at Casowasco has helped create significant memories for thousands of campers. It is designed to help build self-esteem and a positive self-image, and create positive reinforcement.

Upon arriving at Casowasco, each camper and staff member creates a leather nametag. These nametags are worn every day, at all times (except in the lake!). These nametags are more than merely for identifying who’s who: with all the decorations and coloring, a nametag becomes part of a camper’s identity and something they keep for years to come. In addition to just the piece of leather, beads are given to campers for performing certain activities or exhibiting certain behaviors. These beads are given each day, either in each program or during the Chapel experience.

Campers must be wearing their nametag in order to accept a bead; beads will be awarded to a camper at a later time if they do not have their nametag. Once a bead has been awarded, it cannot be taken back.

Campers will have the opportunity to earn beads in the following areas:

Casowasco AttendanceGreenYou get a bead just for attending a program at camp!
CounselorRedAwarded by counselors to recognize cooperation, improved behavior, helpfulness, etc.
Old TimerGlow-In-The-DarkEveryone gets one after spending the first night of camp.
AlumniWhiteAwarded to those to who keep coming back for more.
SwimmingTurquoiseAwarded for swim accomplishments.
BoatingOrangeAwarded for boat instruction accomplishments.
Casowasco SpiritYellowAwarded for notable camp spirit (trying new activities, friendliness, generosity, kindness to others, etc.). Counselors may suggest candidates.
Arts & CraftsPurpleAwarded for participation and completion of projects; must be awarded carefully; recognize true accomplishment, not just slipshod work.
AdventureBlackAwarded for participation in Initiatives & Adventure activities or for displaying particular leadership skills during these activities.
NatureBrownAwarded for participation in Nature/Hiking activities, and nature knowledge acquisition.
Christian LeadershipNavy BlueUsed to recognize campers who display Christian leadership within their group.
Trash BeadGlitter GreenGiven to campers “caught” picking up trash; counselor or other staff must observe
Sports/GamesOliveAwarded for participation in a sporting event or particular accomplishment in sports
Dining RoomNeon LimeAwarded for particular cooperation in the Dining Room, helpfulness at table, etc.
Special RecognitionHot PinkAwarded by staff to recognize anything that does not quite fit into another category or needs to be specially recognized.
SailingClearAwarded for sailing instruction accomplishments
FriendshipMulti-Color/MetallicAwarded to those in recognition of special friendliness shown towards a fellow camper.
Golden DustpanGolden MetallicAwarded to those who receive the Golden Dustpan, for the cleanest rooms on site!
Silver DustpanSilver MetallicAwarded to those who receive the Silver Dustpan, for the runners-up for the cleanest rooms on site.



Posted on September 17th by Mike Huber