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First Installment of Advent Study - Hope

First Installment of Advent Study - Hope

Advent with Casowasco: Stories for the Season: Week 1 - Hope

The first installment of our 2019 Advent Study is based on Mark 1:1-8.

We begin our advent study with John the Baptist and the message of hope he brought, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy and preparing the way for the coming of Jesus. This is the start of a journey, and while we know that journey leads to the Cross and ultimately the Resurrection, the people who heard John speak had no clue where this journey would lead them.

As we begin our journey through Advent, we do not yet know where it may lead, or where we may find ourselves at the end of it. However, God has prepared a way for us, and will guide us along the way.

Guiding Questions for Small Group Discussion:

1. Who has been the John the Baptizer, the voice crying out in the wilderness in your life?

2. What have you anticipated for in the wilderness?

3. What does it mean to you to have a living hope?

4. How did John the Baptist provide hope? To the Judean countryside? To Jerusalem? To you today?

5. What doubts do you think were in the hearts and minds of the people who heard John’s message of hope but could not yet see how it would come to be fulfilled?

6. What messages of hope has God been sending you lately? Have you doubted them because you do not yet see how they may be fulfilled?

Posted on November 29th by David Wood