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2nd Installment of Advent with Casowasco Released

The second installment of our 2019 Advent Study is based on Luke 1:26-56

This week we reflect on Mary, the mother of Jesus. While Mary is strong in her faith, and sure of the love of God, she does what we all would do, she questions how she it is possible that she of all people is chosen by God for this work.

As we continue our journey, we should take time to reflect on the times in our life that we have felt God’s call to action. What holy work has God set aside for us to complete? Do we feel worthy of the call? Do we feel capable of completing it?

The answer? On our own, it’s no. However, we as people of faith know that we are not called to this work alone. We have a covenant with the God of creation, a covenant of love. Our God pledges to work with us and through us on the journey.

Guiding Questions for Small Group Discussion:

1.Reflect and discuss the above questions in relation to calls you have felt from God.

2.Mary finds herself facing a great amount of social criticism, yet still is able to praise and love God in the face of it all. Have you ever found it difficult to praise and love God in the face of overwhelming obstacles?

3.Have you ever experienced God’s love in a surprising way? Was the experience overwhelming? Did you doubt yourself or your worthiness? How did you respond?

Posted on December 6th by David Wood