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Advent with Casowasco: Week 3 - Joy

Advent with Casowasco: Week 3 - Joy

The third installment of our 2019 Advent Study is based on Isaiah 11

The book of Isaiah foretells the coming Messiah that we know today as Jesus. The ancient Hebrews were faced with turmoil, conflict, oppression, and it was often hard to look at their circumstances and feel joy. Yet in these times where it would be easy to despair, they were given the promise of joy to come.

The image of something new coming from the roots or remains of the past is one that we can take solace in when we struggle to find joy in our daily lives. We know that we are part of a lineage of faith, that salvation is promised and joy is ours for the taking because of Jesus.

Guiding Questions for Small Group Discussion:

1. Knowing that the one we anticipate has a Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear in the Lord, what joy does this give you?

2. What does it mean to delight in the fear of the Lord?

3.Where have you found joy this advent season? From what stumps/roots of the past has this joy grown from?


Posted on December 13th by David Wood