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CRM Spring 2014 Newsletter Released

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A letter from Mike Huber, Director, Camp & Retreat Ministries:

As we continue the process of Strategic Planning, we find ourselves contemplating a significant number of meaningful questions. What is our mission? How do we achieve that mission? What makes us a unique ministry to the world? How do we connect with and augment the work of our local churches? How do we financially undergird the mission to remain viable and relevant for future generations? Our formal mission statement is being reviewed by the Strategic Planning Team, but I find it interesting to ponder what our visionary leaders from over 100 years ago thought when they started United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.

In this conference, Findley Camp and Retreat Center is 78 years old this year! These leaders saw these facilities and the program opportunities as critically important to the life and vitality of their local churches and communities. If you went to Sunday school, you went to camp,; if you were in UMYF (United Methodist Youth Fellowship), you went on a retreat - you might attend a family retreat or camp; if you participated in UMW (United Methodist Women) or UMM (United Methodist Men), you went to a retreat; the leadership teams of the church met at the centers for strategic thinking and prayer apart from their local surroundings.

These locations of incredible natural beauty and serene space have been a part of generations of families’ Christian education and spiritual formation. As the church has begun to shift and redefine itself through a number of challenges and in the midst of decline, these incredible resources also must redefine and adapt while also remaining a resource to local churches as they build disciples of Jesus Christ. These are exciting times with many opportunities to collaborate with churches and other organizations seeking to do good in the world. It is clear that we have much to do and much to learn as we listen for God’s voice and watch for the places God is calling us to serve.

The Committee on Camp and Retreat Ministries, the Strategic Planning Team, and the year round staff team, are all committed to answering the challenges facing us now and preparing the way for the future God is calling us to. In Matthew 11:28 we are reminded that when we are heavy-laden and weary we are to come to Jesus and he will give us rest. Camp and Retreat Ministries is a renewal experience for the faithful, a birth-place for creativity and vision, a spark that gets the fire going, a crossroads on one’s journey or a sanctuary for the weary. In all these cases, Jesus awaits to meet you where you are and walk with you. May you be open to what God has in store for you this day and the days gifted to you in the future - and please pray for the ministry of CRM.

Mike Huber
Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries

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Posted on May 6th by Mike Huber