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CRM Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter Released

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A Note From Mike Huber, Director, Camp & Retreat Ministries: defines mentor as ‘an experienced and trusted adviser.’

As I reflect on the number of meaningful mentors in my life I am overcome with gratitude to God for the people I have learned from and been blessed by throughout the years. I have had many mentors, but now and then there is a person that is more than that - a Spiritual Guide, or a Wise Counsel. There is one such person that I miss a lot. Although Sharon Fulmer served as the Director of Communications for the former North Central NY Conference and did a tremendous amount of marketing for camp and retreat ministries - as well as actively donating time, worms for fishing, Oreos for the office and financial resources to camp - she was much more a mentor, guide, spiritual counselor and friend to me. She has gone to be with God - taken too soon from us - but home among the heavenly realm. Sharon was an advocate and faithful donor. Although camp was important to Sharon, her family was most important to her. Each year prior to her granddaughter being old enough to come to sleep away camp, she would ask me how old a child needed to be to go to camp. She was so excited the year Morgen turned old enough to go to camp on her own. Morgen has come every year since, and is now a senior in high school applying to work on staff! Morgen has been a participant for 12 years and now, much like her grandmother, serves as an advocate, friend, donor and leader (and possibly a mentor) of her peers: a life transformed that is now transforming others as a Disciple of Christ.

There are tens of thousands of people like Sharon and Morgen that have experienced one of our six centers and found or strengthened a relationship with Christ and an appreciation for the Creator God. This is a relationship that affects all other relationships. For this issue of Xenia News, Morgen Fulmer agreed to offer a Story of Transformation from our Holy Grounds.

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Mike Huber
Director Camp & Retreat Ministries

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Posted on June 27th by Mike Huber