Summer 2023

Summer 2023!

Summer 2023 program and registration information coming soon!


Summer sights around Casowasco

  • For once I don’t have to worry about being made fun of or judged. Camp is really fun!

  • I love that my child is with a group of Christian kids who have the same values, and having normal daily activities that have a Christian basis.

    Camper Family
  • My son has become a true gentleman; not only as a result of parenting, but of the POSITIVE experiences/influences he has gained at Casowasco.

    Camper Family
  • My daughter had an awesome experience! Casowasco was a special place for me when I was her age. Despite all the years and all the improvements, it’s nice to know that the spiritual special-ness has not been lost.

    Camper Family
  • On the way home from camp, when two 17 year old boys teach their parents the new songs they’ve learned that year I believe you’ve met your goal.

    Camper Family

A Casowasco Foundation

Casowasco prioritizes the Christian development along with the health and safety of your camper throughout all aspects of summer programming.  We create age appropriate family groups for all campers to feel supported and nurtured during their time at camp.  Building intentional relationships is the focus of small group camping and a priority at Casowasco. 

Casowasco offers summer programs as a challenge-by-choice.  We offer and encourage all campers to try offered activities, but no camper is ever forced to participate in an activity and has the choice to sit out if unsure or uncomfortable with the activity.  As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our society, we put an emphasis on face-to-face interactions for intentional relationship building between staff and other campers that can last a lifetime.  We teach inclusivity and acceptance by showing God’s love in all that we do and say in hopes that campers can learn how to give and receive that love as well.


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