Summer 2023


Experience Fun, Faith, and Friends at Casowasco this summer!

Casowasco’s summer youth camp sessions include a full range of camptivities (we have more than 40 in six categoriesGirl jumping in lake — plus some new ones for 2023!) as well as faith formation, social interaction, and special events. No matter the session theme (like Campolodeon or Summer’s Last Blast) summer campers have a well-rounded experience with lots of choice, new friends, wacky “only-at-camp” events, and the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Tiered pricing (or “Why are there three prices listed for the same program?”) explained here.

Of particular note for Summer 2023:

  • All campers will experience choice in their activities during summer camp. This is a program element that has been the foundation of You Can’t and Summer’s Last Blast for years, and now we’re bringing it to every youth program.
  • Theme sessions for summer camp are back! We heard you and we’ve responded — you’ll see old favorites with a new twist AND you’ll see brand new camp programs offered.
  • A re-created, re-magined Teen Leadership Development Program that is progressive and selective. Presently we have two levels, LEAD and SALT, with a third level coming in 2024.
  • Special Events will be a part of every summer camp session in 2023…from Medieval Mayhem to Night at the Oscars to Amazing Race to a Quidditch Tournament to Gold Rush or Skittle Skattle Battle (Can you smell the rainbow?). Start getting your costumes and props ready!
  • Looking for a Family program or an Adult program for Summer 2023? Check out our Events Tab.

The Great Casowasco Challenge for Ages 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17
June 25-30

Boating boyGame on, Casowasco Warriors! Think of this as Reality TV meets Color Games meets Crazy Casowasco Olympics. Love sports like soccer or basketball? Are you more the creative-type looking for a starring role or wanting to mold and paint? Enjoy crazy camp games like GaGa or 9 Square in the Air? Or do you enjoy puzzle-solving, code-deciphering, and all around general wackiness? If any of these are you, then pack your super hero cape and get ready for TGCC!

Satellites (no extra charge):

  • Highlands Challenger (Includes outdoor cooking, hiking, fire building, and an overnight)
  • Destination High Ropes (Progress with your team from initiatives/low ropes to High Ropes)
  • Artrageous (Express yourself through watercolors, weaving, clay, and crafting


You Can’t Do That at Camp: Outrageous Edition for Ages 10-11, 12-14, and 15-17
July 2-7 or July 9-14

Original You Can’t returns, but this time it’s the Outrageous Edition! As a You Can’ter, choose a Club like Sports, Creative Arts, The Great Outdoors, or Fusion (combine two or more camptivities and Crafts! Paracord braceletscreate a brand new one!) for the morning and then two or three camptivities like Archery, SUP, Friendship Bracelets, or Wacky Games (like GaGa!), etc., for your afternoon or evening. Special events vary by session (unless you’re a Tweeker, in which case you’ll get them all) but may include: Night of the Ninja (Sneak Out with an upgrade!); July 4th Fireworks on the Lake (Can you guess which week that will be?), Ice Cream for Breakfast (Okay, we’ll do that both weeks!), OMC: Outrageous Mass Chaos (a game you won’t soon forget!) and Medieval Mayhem: A Casowasco Renaissance Festival. Get ready for making Outrageous friends, experiencing Outrageous fun and discovering how Outrageous life is as a Jesus follower!


You Can’t Do That at Camp: Outrageous Tweekers for Ages 10-11, 12-14, and 15-17
July 2-14

What’s a Tweeker? A camper who spends TWO weeks plus an Outrageous weekend at Casowasco! Tweekers enjoy three times the Outrageous You Can’t fun packed into an Outrageous two week Campers dressed as ninjasprogram! This is summer camp as it is meant to be. Some say the Tweekend is the most amazing part…others just love being at Casowasco longer and even say two weeks is not long enough. So, what is it really? Well, You Can’t is a legacy camp program filled with the craziest camp ideas you can imagine…Outrageous is defined by the dictionary as exceeding the limits of what is usual or fantastic. Each week you will choose favorite camptivities and write your own schedule plus experience special events like Ice Cream for Breakfast, Night of the Ninja, July 4th Fireworks on the Lake, Medieval Mayhem, and Night at the Oscars. How about a late night or two with sleep-ins? Oh, and don’t forget the Tweekend complete with its own incredible Outrageous events (Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors anyone?) See you there! Please do not attempt this at home, we’re professionals. We’re serious!


Campolodeon for Ages 7-9
July 9-14Smiling girl on a wagon ride

Experience an Ooey-gooey S’mores Campfire, awesome camptivities (like swimming, kayaking, sling shots, crafts, and more), Skittle Skattle Battle, Ice Cream for Breakfast (That’s right — Breakfast!), and earning all kinds of beads…we do it all. Oh yeah, Campo is the program where you might get slimed (or maybe make it to take home)! Play GaGa, go jump in the lake, and use your detective skills to solve a mystery or win a scavenger hunt. Meet new friends and hang out with cool counselors. Get here for HUGE fun, HUGE new experiences, and HUGE opportunities to learn about God.


Time Jumpers for Ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 15-17
July 16-21

Campers looking through a shark faceJump in our TARDIS and join Dr. Who for a spin, climb aboard the WABAC with Mr. Peabody and Sherman for a trip through time, or get your seatbelt on with Marty and Doc Brown in a time machine made from a modified DeLorean DMC-12…however you do it, get here! Experience Gold Rush excitement in the Wild West, search for buried treasure with pirates, or durst ye try your hand at archery or jousting or juggling during Medieval Mayhem! The perfect opportunity to race through time, so get your poodle skirt, toga, chain mail, leg warmers, or tie dye on for this mad dash through the decades!

Satellites (no extra charge):

  • Highlands Sampler (Includes outdoor cooking, hiking, fire building, and an overnight)
  • Whodunit? (Solve the mystery of the Crazy Casowasco Caper and try our Escape Room/Trail)
  • AquaBlast (Loads of fun on, in, and around the water)


JAM for Ages 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17
July 23-28

JAM at Casowasco exists to bring together the best of summer…sunshine, friends, music, water,Boy with catch expressing yourself in new ways, and learning about God. Enjoy a jammin’ week…soak in the views, play in and on the water (Try SUP or catch a fish), make music with friends, star in tonight’s chapel skit, or create with a new medium every day. Choose your camptivities — discover new ones or enjoy the tried and true. Bring your instrument and gather ‘round the campfire for a JAM session! Get ready to celebrate a special birthday on July 31 and participate in your first Quidditch Tourney. Join the fun for the Beach Bum Water Carnival! Perform for Casowasco’s Got Talent! Every day will be JAM-packed with fun and friends.

Satellites (no extra charge):

  • Dramatic Arts (Act, write a play, make a prop, and see the world from center stage)
  • Beach Bums (Loads of fun on, in, and around the water)
  • Artrageous (Express yourself through watercolors, weaving, clay, and crafting)


Club Casowasco for Ages 10-11, 12-14, and 15-17
July 30-August 4

Canoeing girlsEnjoy your own resort hideaway on Owasco Lake! Choose your camptivities while enjoying camp-wide special events and theme days. Special events like the Casowasco Regatta, Amazing Race, and Open Mic/Improv Night as well as theme days like C5 (Cosmic Casowasco Cartoon Comic Con), Wacky Wednesday (what will happen next?), Tropical Thursday, and Casowasco Spirit Day! Get your costumes ready and be ready to rock the dock at the Club!


Summer’s Last Blast for Ages 7-9, 10-12, 12-14, and 15-17
August 6-11

Counselor with boysOur last youth camp program session is loaded with all the incredible stuff that makes camp rock! We only have six days to celebrate so expect a schedule that’s packed with the best camptivities and special events of 2023. You’ll have to make hard choices about your schedule to do it all, but at least you’ll have plenty of fun trying. Celebrate at a Special SLB Party…have more than the legal amount of fun and experience end of summer at your home away from home, Casowasco!

Teen Leadership Development Program (TLDP)

These programs are selective,  growing, and continuing to develop. Our focus is on building up young leaders who will be the change makers tomorrow. All are designed for high schoolers maturing in their faith and wanting to take it to the next level. They are about Casowasco fun — you’ll participate in You Can’t, make new friends, and enjoy being a camper. They are about developing a servant leader’s heart. They are about living your faith — in a way that others can clearly identify what you believe and whom you follow. They are about discipleship and the challenge of following Jesus. 

LEAD (Leadership Experience Action Discipleship) for Ages 15-17
July 2-14

Step One: We are looking for campers we believe will benefit most from the program, are of a maturity level that will allow them to think of others before themselves, and are already disciples of Jesus Christ. You will complete an application and references as part of the registration process, plus fulfill an interview requirement. If you are not chosen for the program, any fees already paid on your behalf are fully refundable. We welcome you to apply if you think you have what it takes — let’s find out together! At LEAD, the first week includes intensive training sessions, bonding as a team, and good ole’ camp fun, Second week provides opportunities to try out what you have learned under the guiding hand of experienced Casowasco role models. Enrollment and the application process end for LEAD on March 31.

LEAD 2023 Application


SALT (Servant Action Leadership Training) for Ages 16-18
July 2-14

Step Two is by invitation only and campers must have completed at least one year of LEAD (or previously, CIT). Campers invited to participate will receive invitations by February 15 along with application requirements. Enrollment/applications will be accepted until March 31.


Parents of/Other adults connected to potential LEAD/SALT candidates: Please note that the experience of completing/submitting the application, requesting/following up with references, and being interviewed is an actual TLDP process we are eager to see your camper complete. We ask that you let your teen do this on their own with minimal prodding and help from you. It will be a tremendous learning experience and will result in their gaining valuable college application and job-related skills. It will help them more in the long run to do it on their own – thank you for letting them do this for themselves.

Note concerning reference forms: Please help the candidate understand that no one (parent or candidate) aside from the person completing the form should see the completed form. We ask that references return the forms directly to the Casowasco office. You might suggest providing an addressed stamped envelope for the reference’s use if they will be completing a paper form.

  • For once I don’t have to worry about being made fun of or judged. Camp is really fun!

  • I love that my child is with a group of Christian kids who have the same values, and having normal daily activities that have a Christian basis.

    Camper Family
  • My son has become a true gentleman; not only as a result of parenting, but of the POSITIVE experiences/influences he has gained at Casowasco.

    Camper Family
  • My daughter had an awesome experience! Casowasco was a special place for me when I was her age. Despite all the years and all the improvements, it’s nice to know that the spiritual special-ness has not been lost.

    Camper Family
  • On the way home from camp, when two 17 year old boys teach their parents the new songs they’ve learned that year I believe you’ve met your goal.

    Camper Family

A Casowasco Foundation

Casowasco prioritizes the Christian development along with the health and safety of your camper throughout all aspects of summer programming.  We create age appropriate family groups for all campers to feel supported and nurtured during their time at camp.  Building intentional relationships is the focus of small group camping and a priority at Casowasco. 

Casowasco offers summer programs as a challenge-by-choice.  We offer and encourage all campers to try offered activities, but no camper is ever forced to participate in an activity and has the choice to sit out if unsure or uncomfortable with the activity.  As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our society, we put an emphasis on face-to-face interactions for intentional relationship building between staff and other campers that can last a lifetime.  We teach inclusivity and acceptance by showing God’s love in all that we do and say in hopes that campers can learn how to give and receive that love as well.


Are you a parent? Click here to view our resources specifically for you!