We've been providing Christian hospitality to groups of all denominations and affiliations for over 60 years.

Our site is regularly used in a myriad of different ways including school/college groups, church groups, youth retreats, business meetings, quilting guilds, and family reunions/retreats. Fortunately we are not limited to these uses only. We want to work with you to brainstorm ideas so that your stay is both beneficial and appropriate to your group’s needs, dreams, and goals.

Casowasco is a place

Casowasco is a place to work, plan and build. Our natural setting allows groups to focus on goals and objectives without distractions. Groups return to Casowasco because of the relationships that develop while on site. Experiencing God’s creation on a hike or enjoying the facilities for meetings gives groups a clear focus away from home.

Casowasco allows individuals and groups to remove themselves from their everyday world to reflect and focus on community building, improve communication skills, and reaffirm relationships.

Casowasco is a place where persons and groups can mature in their sense of self-worth, discover what it means to be Christian stewards of personal and natural resources, and explore models of community that can empower people to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We offer our best

Casowasco’s hallmark is kindness and generosity to our guests. From delicious meals prepared and served by caring staff in the Dining Room, to accompanied nature hikes and encouragement on the Challenge Course, Casowasco strives to model and provide a Christian community for all who visit our site.

Our team of dedicated professionals is available to help make your stay especially memorable. We will help you choose the facilities that best meet your interests and budget, and assist you in arranging your program, special equipment, and recreational activities.

Casowasco operates year-round. Spring brings warm days amid breathtaking blossoms of trillium and maple leaves, perfect weather for a canoe ride, a hike through our Gorge, or fishing along the shore. In summer the hillsides fill with lush greenery that keeps the days pleasant and the nights comfortable for our Summer Programs. Fall gives way to crisp days of vistas of Autumn colors and the opportunity to gather around the campfire. Winter yields a unique beauty of its own in the still solitude of snow, just right for skiing and tobogganing. Whatever the season, Casowasco is a beautiful place to be…

Please contact us to see how we can best accommodate you.

A Beautiful Environment

Casowasco is a beautiful place to to retreat to.
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“I love it here. I always feel as though the staff bends over backwards to provide whatever we ask.”

— Retreat Guest

“Everything was perfect, including the sunrise.”

— Retreat Guest

“Scenic, peaceful, relaxing - it allowed for full concentration on my spiritual development.”

— Retreat Guest

“Thank you for your gracious hospitality!”

— Retreat Guest

“Great food! Love the variety and the ability to accommodate special needs.”

— Retreat Guest

What Do We Offer?

Inquire with us about these recreational activities, or read about them in detail here.