Lakeview Columbarium

The Lakeview Columbarium at Casowasco

Since 1946, many thousands have walked on these holy grounds. For many, time spent at Casowasco – time playing, learning, worshipping, retreating, volunteering, or working – was life-changing. Though many things in life have changed over the years, Casowasco (in spite of its changes), has remained a constant source of inspiration and renewal.

This is why the Columbarium at Casowasco was established: to serve as a final resting place for those whose lives have been shaped by Casowasco. The cremated remains of loved ones may be laid to rest in a space that is peaceful, beautiful, dignified, and sacred.

The Lakeview Chapel Columbarium at Casowasco was dedicated on June 16, 2013, in honor of Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel. Bishop Yeakel served the former New York West Episcopal Area (now part of Upper New York) from 1972-1984.

What is a “columbarium”?

A columbarium is a structure that contains small compartments, called “niches”, which are designed to hold the cremated remains of loved ones. Cremation is an economical, theologically-sound, and environmentally-friendly alternative to burial. Pre-purchasing a columbarium niche offers a way to express pre-need wishes, relieving surviving family members of one part of end-of-life’s difficult decisions. At this time, all columbarium niches have been reserved.

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