Casowasco Connection Newsletter No. 1

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Welcome to the Casowasco Connection Newsletter! Here, you’ll find updates on Casowasco as we prepare for summer, learn about upcoming events, and find more ways to support this life transforming ministry.

Upcoming Events

  • April 11-14: Spring Quilt by Faith
  • April 17 9am-4pm: Day Apart Retreat: Turn Down the Noise
  • April 27 9am-4pm: Spring Work Day
  • May 6-8: Extended Day Apart Retreat: Tending the Garden
  • May 24-26: Alumni Homecoming Weekend
  • May 25 1pm-4pm: Open House and Chicken BBQ (sponsored by Marcellus UMC)

Head to the events tab on our website to learn more and get registered!

Program Spotlight: J.A.M. (Just Arts and Music)

July 14-19 for Ages 10-17

JAM: Just Arts and Music. That’s what this week is all about! Pack your favorite instrument or art medium and get ready to JAM on the shores of Owasco Lake. This week is JAM PACKED with music, art, and classic Casowasco fun like swimming, kayaking, GaGa and more. Be sure to bring your best dressed to enjoy a Night at the Tony’s!

Click HERE to register for camp and click HERE to see all the Summer 2024 programs!

Don’t Forget to Register!

Completing registration for camp or for a retreat is the only way to reserve a spot, so don’t wait! You can click the button up above to make sure you’re signed up!

How are we preparing for summer this week?

We spend all year preparing for summer! This week, we’re receiving applications for L.E.A.D., our Teen Leadership Development Program. It’s not too late to apply! If you are or know a teen looking to develop your leadership skills, fill out the L.E.A.D. Application and return it!


We’re also in the midst of hiring our summer staff! We are looking for people to be counselors (18+), lifeguards (17+ and willing to get certified), and a Waterfront Coordinator (21+). If you or someone you know is looking for the summer job of a lifetime, fill out the Summer Staff Application.

What do campers say about Casowasco?

After every week, we survey our campers to help us make our program the best it can be. Here’s are some highlights of what they had to say last summer:

  • The best part about my week at Casowasco was… “Being with nice people that care about me”
  • The best part of my week at Casowasco was… “Being accepted for who I am”
  • The best part of my week at Casowasco was… “Being closer to God and loved ones who live with Him”
  • Did you learn anything new at camp? “Yes, that God is always with you”
  • Is there something else you would like to share about your week at camp? “I learned new games, ate good food, made friends, went a week without electronics, had peace and quiet and had fun”
  • 95% of campers would recommend Casowasco to their friends
  • The 2023 Campers’ favorite food was Oreo Cream Pie (obviously!)

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